Luxko Real Estate
Abel Tasmanstraat 101
1363KB Almere-Poort
Columbus Kwartier
Tel: +31(0)36-5489023


Luxko Housing is an experienced and service-oriented mediation agency especially for the expats. We are taking the time, not only to listen to your needs but also to fix those. We want to be your guide from the moment you arrived, untill the moment you will leave in The Netherlands, finding you an suitable second perfect home and provide you our expertise and service during the length of the lease.

You don't have to pay registration fee and all the other costs, calling the brokers everyday, wasting your precious time. Instead of this you will have a broker that's available and working for you 24/7

We have access to a very large portfolio consists over a lot of houses in Almere, close to the Letterland International School or other save areas in the nearest surroundings in various price ranges starting from € 900.00 furnished or unfurnished.

For house seekers Luxko Housing provides the ability to arbitrate on behalf of the tenant candidate.

Are you interested in the method and/or high level services we are providing, please contact us at anytime by email or telefphone.